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How the Enneagram Contributes to Spiritual Awakening and Our World

June 25, 2019 12pm to 1pm EDT
With Sandra Maitri
Hosted by Jessica Dibb
The webcast will appear here 15 minutes before the session start-time.

My talk will focus on how working with the Enneagram can contribute to spiritual unfoldment and awakening. Our personal unfoldment is inseparable from contributing to our world, the collective of which we are a part.

In This Session:

  • How the Enneagram can contribute to moving beyond our personality or ego structure, which allows us to connect in a conscious way with our spiritual nature
  • How the Enneagram maps both our major psychological patterns as well as how our consciousness transforms as we move beyond that layer of ourselves
  • How understanding the map of the Enneagram is not the same thing as traveling the territory it elucidates

Sandra Maitri


Sandra Maitri has taught the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization for 30 years, and was one of Claudio Naranjo’s first students of the Enneagram. She has worked with the Enneagram as part of the larger work of spiritual transformation for almost 50 years, teaching and amplifying the original transmission by Naranjo and its elaboration by A.H. Almaas, founder of the Diamond Approach. Her background also includes work with various Eastern and Western spiritual and psychological teachers, with a focus on Vipassana and Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices. 

She has published two books on the Enneagram, The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram: Nine Faces of the Soul, and The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues, both published by Tarcher/Penguin.

She leads groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the United Kingdom, and has a private practice. In her spare time, she paints and writes.


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