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From Memes to Meaning: The Rise of the Enneagram in an Age of Social Media

June 26, 2019 6pm to 7pm EDT
With Chris Heuertz
Hosted by Jessica Dibb
The webcast will appear here 15 minutes before the session start-time.

"From Memes to Meaning: The Rise of the Enneagram in an Age of Social Media" explores the opportunities and challenges created by the influx of Enneagram themed podcasts and Instagram accounts. By reflecting on a digital climate that traditionally has led to the disassociation of one from the essential self through projection of curated personal brands, we will examine possible journeys forward, aligning Type with a return to one's center.

In This Session:

  • Why does it seem the Enneagram is gaining such momentum on social media?
  • What is lost when the tradition is hollowed out and thinned out in meme culture?
  • What are practical pathways to internalize the accessibility of the Enneagram as it relates to alignment with our spiritual self?

Chris Heuertz

Founding Partner of Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism

Chris Heuertz has spent his life bearing witness to the possibility of hope among a world that has legitimate reasons to question Divine goodness.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Chris attended a liberal arts university in Kentucky before moving to India where he was mentored by Mother Teresa for three years. While living in India, he helped launch South Asia’s first pediatric AIDS care home — creating a safe haven for children impacted by the global pandemic.

After 20 years of international humanitatian work, Chris launched Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism in 2012, a non-profit that teaches mindfulness, meditation, and contemplative practices to humanitarians, refugees, human trafficking survivors, and those longing to build a better world.

He's authored four books, including his most recent The Sacred Ennegram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth

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