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The Instinctual Drives Work in Twelve Step Work: It Works If You Work It

With Anne Geary
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

The Enneagram approach to recovery integrates the Enneagram and the Twelve Step program. The Enneagram — a map describing personality and potential — helps calls peope to action in the Twelve Steps, to create a powerful process of transformation. Join Anne Geary, Founder of Enneagram Charlotte, as she highlights the universal yet individual journey we each encounter on our pathway to forgiveness.

During this moving session, you'll discover:

  • The History of the Twelve Steps & how they integrate with the Enneagram
  • Insight into your belief system... and ways to observe & hold your relational pattens with compassion
  • Practices to create & sustain sacred relationships
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Anne Geary

Founder, Enneagram Charlotte, Professional Member, IEA

Anne Geary is an Enneagram International Association Accredited Professional and holds certifications with The Enneagram in Business,The Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, and The Enneagram Institute. Anne has presented her ground breaking work integrating the Enneagram and The Twelve Steps of Recovery at numerous global Enneagram conferences both within and outside the US.  Her work on the impact of Emotional Intelligence is published in Cinemeducation: Using Film and Other Visual Media in Graduate and Medical Education.  

She is founder of Enneagram Charlotte serving the Healthcare, Education and Recovery Commuities. Previously, she was the CEO and owner of an architectural design firm in the commercial real estate industry for over 25 years. 



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