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The Ongoing Work, Legacy, and Vision of Dr. David Daniels

With Dr. Denise Daniels & Suzanne Dion
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

Dr. David Daniels was a pioneer and giant in the development of the Enneagram's expansion into the world in the 20th century. He displayed extraordinary courage as a psychiatrist at Stanford by saying that the Enneagram was the most powerful methodology of healing, change, and transformation that he had ever come across. Dr. Daniels forever impacted the Enneagram field with clarity, warmth, and inspiration in so many ways. He provided common sense explanations. He produced Enneagram panels. He held a strong belief that we can transform the world one person at a time. He linked personality to classic temperament studies. He woredk with couples. He participated in one of the first neuroscience study groups about the Enneagram. And he conducted a breakthrough Enneagram research project that has just been published. Join Dr. Denise Daniels, co-founder of The WID Factor and Dr. David Daniels' daughter, and Suzanne Dion, a digital, multi-media artist, principal owner of the Chaeldion Group, and Dr. David Daniels' assistant, as they share generously about Dr. David Daniels' life and work.

During this revealing session, you'll discover:

  • Information about Dr. David Daniels' life's work & the ways his impact continues to expand
  • Glimpses into his book about couples (currently being completed) 
  • A recording of one of his last teachings
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Dr. Denise Daniels

Co-Founder, The WID Factor

Denise Daniels, Ph.D. is a developmental psychologist, education innovator, and businesswoman.  She has over 25 years of experience in the educational, health, and well-being electronic publishing industry, including 25 years as a senior manger.  Her background and expertise span the fields of developmental and media psychology, high performance management, and electronic publishing.  During the last 25 years Daniels has served as a manager and executive for large-scale educational and health technology products and electronic publishing applications in Silicon Valley. She currently directs Palo Alto University’s Global Master’s Degree Programs.  Other major education endeavors include, Simon & Schuster’s Computer Curriculum Corp. and eScore/Kaplan, Inc.


In 2006, Daniels joined (part-of ground floor team who grew the site to seven million visitors per month) to bring her expertise in educational and developmental content, production, and management to the start-up.  In 2002, Daniels founded her own company, Life Trackers, Inc., focusing on life caching and developmental milestone tracking for parents.  She filed a technology patent to make it seamlessly easy for parents to track their children’s life across mental, emotional, and physical health domains. Before founding Life Trackers, Inc., Daniels served as Executive Producer for eScore/Kaplan and Simon & Schuster’s Computer Curriculum Corporation, where she developed several national award winning products.


Prior to her career in electronic publishing, Daniels worked as Director of Quality and Director of Organizational Development at Oracle Corporation.  This was during Oracle’s highest growth period when the company grew from 2000 to 15,000 employees over a four-year period, and revenues doubled each year.


Daniels has a deep personal interest in the human growth potential.  During her doctoral work she focused her research efforts on development of personality and the self from infancy to old age.  As a developmentalist her area of study, writing, and application is the development of the self throughout the lifespan.  At Daniels brought her experience in three industries including the child and adolescent development sector, the publishing industry, and software development to identify accurate and authoritative content, develop production systems, and manage partnerships.


Daniels holds a bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and her M.A. and Ph. D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Following the completion of her doctorate she completed four years of postdoctoral work at Stanford University.  She is the author of over 40 articles, book chapters, and online publications and the book, The WID Factor Based on the Principles of the Enneagram.  Her current writing projects focus on mindfulness and The Enneagram Personality System: a contemplative tradition of mindfulness which identifies nine paths of attention and motivation.

Suzanne Dion

Suzanne Dion is a digital, multi-media artist and principal owner of chaeldiongroup — a design and production company, as well as, is an Enneagram teacher, writer, and facilitator certified by Palmer-Daniels. Suzanne has worked closely with David Daniels and his organizations since 2008, is the designer-producer of his website, and taught side-by-side with David for Enneagram Prison Project at Elmwood Correctional Facility in Milpitas, CA. She has been working with David on his book on the Enneagram, Intimacy, and Relationships since 2010, David having just finished his updated revisions only weeks before his passing, May of 2017.

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