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Understanding Your ‘Triggers'

With Flemming Christensen
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

Join Flemming Christensen, founder and owner of Think About It and The Enneagram Institute of Denmark, as he shares how each Enneagram type behaves in accordance with their reactions to the specific triggers associated with that type. When you understand those triggers, you can understand your type in a deeper and more detailed way. And as the understanding of your type grows, you can build a greater awareness of your triggers and make more conscious decisions about how to respond to them.

During this revelatory session, you'll discover:

  • A more profound understanding of your type 
  • The things that trigger your type
  • Easier ways to find your way back to presence after you've beern triggered
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Flemming Christensen

Founder and owner of THINK ABOUT IT and The Enneagram Institute of Denmark

For more than two decades, Flemming Christensen has put the original, authentic, and passionate leader on the agenda with clients who are seeking ways to go beyond the role of leadership and bring the whole person into leadership. Flemming is known for his uniquely practical work on building more aligned and effective teams, using a four-part strategic alignment-to-action planning process. Flemming is acknowledged as one of the top 10 experts and a most engaging teacher on a personality system called the Enneagram, which he has brought to businesses for over 18 years and over 50,000 public course students, making Denmark a place where in business the Enneagram is on par or even more valued than more traditional systems, such as Myers-Briggs. Flemming’s signature work on how different personalities respond to pressure has helped countless organizations address pressure in more conscious and resourceful ways.

An entrepreneur, he has run his own companies since the age of 23, and he is known for a steady, grounded presence that enables him to have his own range of responses as economic expansions and contractions happen rhythmically over time. Flemming is the author of 14 books, with his most recent book on listening as a leadership and life practice. He has trained leaders from Danske Bank, Microsoft, NNIT, Novo Nordisk, AbbVie, Pfizer, Philips, and Leo Pharma. Most recently, he collaborated with Eva Boxenbaum; formerly of the Copenhagen Business School and now professor at CGS, Mines ParisTech; on the imperative for leaders to be intentional about the narratives they use to create and enroll others in new futures in their organizations.

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