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Scaling the Vision

With Susan Olesek & Jean-Philippe Koopmansch
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

For the first time, the Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) brings its curriculum to those incarcerated in the Belgian prison system. Susan Olesek, Founder of Enneagram Prison Project, and Jean-Philippe Koopmansch, Prison Governor and Director of the Staff Training Center in Belgium, have a shared belief in the human potential. Join them as they explore the insights, challenges, and surprises they found while bringing this incisive tool to both those locked up in the criminal justice system and those who are actually running it.

During this surprising session, you'll discover:

  • Ways to bridge barriers to some of the most marginalized populations
  • Possibilities of collaborating across borders and prison bars using the Enneagram system... both within correctional teams & with those incarcerated
  • How an on-the-ground use of the Enneagram provides further validation of the very human struggle to free ourselves from the prisons of personality
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Susan Olesek

Founder Enneagram Prison Project | Consultant and Human Potentialist

Susan Olesek is a “Human Potentialist,” a consultant in pursuit of what’s possible for people. Born outside of Boston and schooled in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and England, she obtained a sociology degree from Occidental College and is certified by two Enneagram schools: Palmer-Daniels and Riso-Hudson. Susan runs Enneagram workshops across the United States and in her local practice in Northern California, but it was an opportune invitation to a Texas prison in that changed the professional and personal trajectory of her life, forever. Inspired by the most moving application she’d ever witnessed of the Enneagram, her favorite human-potential tool, Susan founded the Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) in 2012. Today, EPP is a burgeoning, paradigm-shifting model of self-awareness education for the incarcerated and is spreading rapidly across the globe. Susan lives in the Santa Cruz mountains with her three boys and husband, Rick, who is the Executive Director for EPP.

Jean-Philippe Koopmansch

Prison Governor, Director of Staff Training Center (Belgium, South Region)

Jean-Philippe Koopmansch, from Liège, Belgium, studied law and criminology in Liege, and graduated in 1995. He worked as an assistant to a professor and researcher in criminology at the university of Liège, criminologist for the City of Liège, specialised in public transport security. He became a prison director in 1999.

Within the prison administration,  Jean-Philippe worked in various prisons, as deputy and then head of the prison at Saint-Hubert, minimum security, in 2011. This prison is also a farm producing milk, cheese and meat.

Jean-Philippe discovered the Ennegram in the prison administration in 2011, with his fellow directors and at the initiative of the prison administration. He discovered that he was a type 9. He decided to continue his Enneagram training in Paris with Eric Salmon (French representative of the Helen Palmer and David Daniels School). Certified by the same school in 2014, Jean-Philippe became Director of the Prison Administration Training Centre for French-speaking Belgium, where he has been teaching the Enneagram to all staff in basic and continuing training since 2015. Convinced of the power of the Enneagram, he is currently working with EPP and CAP Ennegram to facilitate training sessions for prisoners in Belgium.

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