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We Care: An Exploration Into How Types 2, 3, and 4 Arise From the Receptivity of the Heart Center

With John Luckovich & Shari L Fox
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

Each life is precious and valuable... replete with unique gifts. When we allow this understanding to flow through and with us, we encounter and can learn to live from emotional intelligence. This is true for all 9 types, and in particular the heart types: 2, 3, and 4. Join John Luckovich, Enneagram teacher, artist, and breathwork apprentice, and Shari L. Fox, founder of Soul Nourish Institute, as they explore the capacities of the heart center... the ways each of the heart types love these qualities, and the characteristic ways they distort their contact with Love itself. Be prepared to be inspired to soften and embrace your own heart and the hearts of others.

During this heart-opening session, you'll discover:

  • How each of the heart types can open to authentic Love in each moment
  • Ways each heart type abandons their true nature to make themselves into who they think will be loved
  • The journey from contraction to relaxation & from ego to Essence in each heart type
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John Luckovich

Enneagram Teacher, Artist, Breathwork Apprentice

John Luckovich is a visionary artist, a Psycho-spiritual Breathwork Facilitator in training though Inspiration Consciousness School, and an Enneagram Teacher in Training through the Enneagram Institute. He is studying Gurdjiefff’s Fourth Way Path of connection between spirit and the human temporal. John has a great interest in the esoteric teachings of Egypt and how they translate through time into the 21st century. He is currently researching and writing about the instincts and is co-founder of New York Enneagram.

Shari L Fox

Founder of Soul Nourish Institute, E-RYT

Shari L Fox is the founder and senior retreat leader of Soul Nourish Institute. Trained and certified with honors by the Riso Hudson Enneagram Institute her focus is a compassionate approach to inner work for women through workshops, online courses, and retreats. Shari is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance of more than ten years and serves as guest faculty during yoga teacher trainings specializing in psycho-spiritual development. A member and speaker at Compassionate Atlanta and an International Enneagram Association professional member, she helped launch the IEA Georgia Chapter in 2017. She resides in Charleston, SC.

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