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The Enneagram and Mindfulness: Know the Self to Lose the Self

With Renée Rosario
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

Studying the Enneagram leads to a deep understanding about why we have such a limited perception of ourselves and the world. Mindfulness focuses less on the content of our personality and more on the process of our experience... revealing that who we are is not a solid, separate self, but rather an everchanging set of interdependent arisings. Join Renée Rosario, core faculty at The Narrative Enneagram, as she shows why these two systems operate well together, providing a map and method for awakening to our essence.

During this dynamic session, you'll discover:

  • How your Enneagram type can be seen as an invitation to awaken to your essence or true nature
  • That noticing, pausing, and giving space to thoughts, feelings, & sensations helps us grasp the impermanence or the continuing changeability of experience
  • Strategies for developing new capacities & more resilience as we work mindfully with what arises in body, heart, and mind
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Renée Rosario

Core Faculty of The Narrative Enneagram, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor

Renée Rosario, MA, LPC, is a core faculty member for Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition. A graduate of Naropa University, Renée is also a transpersonal, body-centered psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder, CO. She has facilitated workshops and classes for 18 years and loves to teach and learn through the Narrative Tradition where all are students and teachers of one another. Renée is intensely curious about the workings of the mind and body to discover the seeds of health present in unconscious mechanisms. She also has been a Mindfulness Instructor at Naropa University and a Peacemaker trained in contemplative social action and peacemaking through the Peacemaker Institute.

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