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The Enneagram and Ego Development: New research published in the Journal of Adult Development

With Terry Saracino & Seth T Pardo, PhD
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

There's great news for the global Enneagram community! Following a blind peer review process, the Journal of Adult Development recently published an article on the Enneagram and ego development. The article, "Advancing Ego Development in Adulthood
 through Study of the Enneagram System of Personality," was co-authored by Dr. David Daniels, Terry Saracino, Meghan Fraley, Jennifer Christian, and Seth Pardo. Join Terry Saracino, Founding President and Core Faculty at The Narrative Enneagram, and Seth T. Pardo, Behavioral Health Epidemiologist, as they discuss in depth the findings of the study — that Enneagram intensive trainings may be beneficial for promoting psychological growth and ego development.

During this groundbreaking session, you'll discover:

  • How the Enneagram in being accepted more & more in the world of mainstream psychology
  • That the study participants who received more extensive training demonstrated greater advancement in ego development
  • Where to download the article at no charge 
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Terry Saracino

Founding President & Core Faculty, The Narrative Enneagram

Terry Saracino, MA, MBA founded the non-profit organization The Narrative Enneagram (TNE) in 2009 as a container to disseminate on a worldwide basis the interactive Narrative teaching method developed by Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD. Terry is currently a member of the Core Faculty of TNE and its past President. In the middle of a career transition in 1989, the Enneagram landed in Terry’s heart and it’s been her life’s work ever since. She founded the Enneagram Center in Denver and has taught the Enneagram to individuals and organizations throughout the United States and internationally as a tool for personal, professional and spiritual growth. She has also been a student of the Ridhwan School (Diamond Approach) for 25 years. Through training grounded in the Narrative Tradition which integrates spirituality, psychology and somatic work, she fulfills her passion of transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world.  

Seth T Pardo, PhD

Behaviroal Health Epidemiologist

Seth Pardo, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized researcher and transgender health advocate who is dedicated to educating providers, early career professionals, and students on social determinants of health for people with trans lived experiences. Dr. Pardo is currently a Behavioral Health Epidemiologist with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and has a broad background in psychology, with specific training and expertise in quantitative and survey research methodologies.

For over a decade, Dr. Pardo has worked to raise awareness about the various factors that influence and predict healthy and resilient development over the life course, with special emphasis on predictors of wellness and resilience among people of varying sexual orientations and diverse gender identities. He is an out transman who has conducted federally-funded research in both academic and public health settings. Dr. Pardo has also developed, coordinated, and presented numerous workshops on sexual health, HIV prevention, substance use and recovery, diversity and intersectionality, cultural humility, medical necessity of gender affirming surgeries, and predictors of healthy identity development for both sexuality and gender identity. He is widely recognized as a subject matter expert on sexual health and transgender health with a long history of developing innovative ways to move cultural competence from abstract ideas to implemented best practices.

Dr. Pardo holds several leadership and advisory positions including his current positions as Chair of the Behavioral Health Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Workgroup, Past-Chair of the American Psychological Association's Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity; National Advisory Board Member of the University of California San Francisco's Transgender Center of Excellence; and Co-Investigator on a California HIV Research Program-funded demonstration project to advance PrEP delivery and uptake in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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