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The Trouble With Typing

With Tom Condon
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

The Enneagram doesn’t come with a user manual that instructs people on how to use it correctly... but maybe it should. Though the Enneagram is a powerful tool for transformation, it's is also often misused. Join Tom Condon, director at the Changeworks in Bend, Oregon, as he describes ways the Enneagram is most commonly distorted, and offers some constructive guidelines for using the system with true mastery.

During this information-packed session, you'll discover:

  • How to avoid the sting of the negative ways that the Enneagram represents you
  • Ways he Enneagram can be applied too narrowly 
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of using the Enneagram
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Tom Condon

Director of the Changeworks in Bend, Oregon

Tom Condon has worked with the Enneagram since 1980 and with Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP since 1977. The Director of the Changeworks in Bend, Oregon, he has been an adjunct faculty member of Antioch University and the University of California at Berkeley.

Tom has taught over 800 workshops in the US, Europe and Asia and is the author of 50 books, CD’s and DVD’s on the Enneagram, NLP and Ericksonian methods. He is a certified coach and Practitioner of NLP and director of The Changeworks in Bend, Oregon. He is Accredited With Honor by the International Enneagram Association (IEA).

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