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We Are Here: An Exploration Into How Types 8, 9, and 1 Arise From the Life Force of the Body Center

With Michael Naylor M.Ed, CCS, LADC, CPCC & Maria Jose Munita
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

Life is infused with energy, aliveness, and power. When we allow this to flow through and with us, we encounter and can learn to live from somatic intelligence. This is true for all 9 types, and, in particular, the body types: 8, 9 and 1. Join Maria Jose Munita, president of the International Enneagram Association, and Michael Naylor, IEA professional teacher and Riso-Hudson faculty and authorized teacher as they offer their perspective on the capacities of the body center... the ways each of the body types loves these qualities, and the characteristic ways they distort their contact with aliveness itself. Be prepared to be inspired to trust your body and its innate wisdom.

During this exciting session, you'll discover:

  • How each of the body types can embody aliveness in each moment
  • Ways that each body type depletes their energy by defending against the perceived loss of contact with boundless life force
  • The journey from contraction to relaxation & from ego to Essence, in each body type
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Michael Naylor M.Ed, CCS, LADC, CPCC

IEA Professional Teacher & Riso-Hudson Faculty/Authorized Teacher

Michael Naylor, M.Ed., CCPC, LADC, CCS, is the Director of the Maine Enneagram Center for Transformation and Change. He is an Authorized Riso-Hudson Teacher and Faculty, an IEA Professional Teacher, a CTI Professional Coach, an Addictions Supervisor and  Licensed Addictions Counselor. He has written extensively in Nine Points magazine on the subject of addiction, recovery, and the Enneagram. He works with substance abuse centers, corporate teams, YPO and WPO groups, along with spiritual seekers motivated to develop Presence. He is a partner with Anderson & Rust consulting.

He was the clinical director and addictions counselor at Serenity House in Portland, Maine for 15 years. He's co-facilitated Men's Transformations Groups for the past eight years and has a forthcoming book on the subject called The Enneagram & Addiction: The Zen of Transformation. He lives in South Portland Maine where he maintains a coaching, counseling, teaching practice and travels around the United States and Internationally, teaching The Inner Critic/Psychic Structures Workshop.

Maria Jose Munita

President of the International Enneagram Association (IEA)

Maria Jose Munita is a Chilean coach and accredited Enneagram teacher. After many years working in Marketing, decided to follow her passion and became an ontological coach and Enneagram teacher. She now uses the Enneagram in her practice and facilitates Leadership, Team building and Enneagram workshops. Maria Jose Munita also uses the Enneagram for her own personal development.

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