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We Know: An Exploration Into How Types 5, 6, and 7 Arise From the Spacious Capacity of the Head Center

With Peter O'Hanrahan & Julie Harris
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

 Life is a dance of phenomenon and consciousness. When we allow this to flow through and with us, we encounter and can learn to live from cognitive awareness. This is true for all 9 types, and in particular the head types: 5, 6, and 7. Join Peter O'Hanrahan, trainer and core faculty for the Narrative Enneagram School, and Julie Harris, founder of Riverbend Coaching and co-founder of New York Enneagram, as they explore the capacities of the head center... the ways each of the head types love these qualities, and the characteristic ways they become fearful and try to control their perceptions of life. Be prepared to be inspired to trust your capacity to know and to follow Inner Guidance.

During this highly informative session, you'll discover:

  • How each of the head types can recognize truth & emergent wisdom in each moment
  • Ways that each head type reacts with a particular fear & mental construct to feel safe
  • The journey from contraction to relaxation & from ego to Essence in each head type


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Peter O'Hanrahan

Trainer and core faculty for the Narrative Enneagram School

Peter O'Hanrahan is a leading Enneagram teacher and trainer worldwide. Since 1981 he has presented the Enneagram to a wide variety of groups, including corporations, non-profits, small businesses, churches and professional associations. He regularly teaches Enneagram workshops in the US, Europe and China.

He is an associate of The Narrative Enneagram school and the Enneagram Professional Training Program founded by Helen Palmer and Dr. David Daniels, and in the past 20 years has helped train and certify more than 800 Enneagram professionals from a variety of the fields in business, psychology, religion, coaching and spiritual counsel.

With 40 years professional experience as a counselor and body therapist, Peter also offers Enneagram coaching and consultation to individuals, couples and groups.

Julie Harris

Founder, Riverbend Coaching; Co-Founder, New York Enneagram

Julie Harris is a certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram teacher and an innovator in transmitting the gifts of the Enneagram through powerful visuals. As the co-founder of New York Enneagram, she teaches in-person classes in NYC and live webinars for students around the world.

Julie is also the founder of Riverbend Coaching, where she excels at blending diverse streams of wisdom into unique and actionable development plans that help her clients move their ideas from concept to contribution. In addition to incorporating the Enneagram into individual coaching engagements, Julie teaches the Enneagram in personal and corporate development retreats and as part of university curricula. 

Over the last two decades, Julie's work has been strongly informed by her somatic studies in the tantric tradition of Rajanaka yoga, and in embodied development at Inspiration Community. She is a certified yoga teacher who is completing her studies to become an Integrative Breathworker

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