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The Foundational Components of the Enneagram are Dynamic, Beautiful, and Wise

With Jessica Dibb

We'll begin the summit with our brilliant host and Enneagram expert Jessica Dibb, founder of the Inspiration Consciousness School and Community. She'll invite you to convene with awareness and intention... and a shared understanding of what the summit and teachers are offering. She'll describe the possibilities available for each of you during the summit. Join her and be a part of this exceptional moment — with people gathering from more than 160 countries to learn, grow, heal, transform, and awaken.

During this welcoming session, you'll discover:

  • The vision & purpose of the summit
  • Understanding of the key terms and concepts of the Enneagram — including core suffering, passion, fixation, the instincts, the virtues, the holy ideas, essence, the wings, the arrows, the law of 1,3 and 7, subtypes, & integration
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Jessica Dibb

Founding Director of Inspiration Consciousness School, Co-Director Global Professional Breathwork Alliance

Jessica Dibb is founder, spiritual director, and principal teacher of the Inspiration Consciousness School and Community, dedicated to promoting personal, relational, and planetary wellness. For over 25 years Jessica has designed and facilitated unique workshops, classes, and on-going breath-centered trainings that are grounded in a highly integrated model of psychospiritual healing and development to support self-actualization. Her teachings assist people in cultivating consciousness through all stages of life, from conception onward. Using Integrative Breathwork, psychodynamic principles, the Enneagram, and established and emergent wisdom teachings, Jessica facilitates embodied awareness of each moment. Her intuitive teaching style, individualized and attuned attention to students, and integrative approach helps to facilitate long-lasting transformations. She also teaches nationally and internationally, including teaching Integrative Breathwork at the Psychotherapy Networker Conference for several years, and being a principal presenter at the International Enneagram Conference for more than a decade. Jessica Dibb also is co-director of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) and current chair of the GPBA’s Ethics Committee. An international teacher and healer, Jessica is a founding member of the board of Convergence, a nonprofit organization working to promote dialogue and innovative solutions for challenging social issues of our time. She was an engaged advisor to the US-Muslim Engagement Project and served on the board of the United States Consensus Council for Search for Common Ground. Jessica is the founder and Host of the Enneagram Global Summit, She was also one of the co-hosts for the Breathwork Summit in 2012, also produced by The Shift Network. Jessica is the weaver and visionary behind the conference: Breath Immersion—From Science to Samadhi, at Omega Institute for two years, and now at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

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