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Conscious Parenting & the Enneagram: Coming Home to Ourselves

With Hollie Holden
Hosted by Jessica Dibb

Hollie Holden, mother, artist, teacher, and writer, is passionate about parents finding a balance between profound self-compassion on the parenting journey AND parenting consciously — with space to make new choices for their families and children. Join her as she sheds light on how the Enneagram supports her in her own conscious parenting journey... by bringing stories, examples, practices, and honesty to the conversation. You'll come away feeling empowered, more innocent, and more hopeful.

During this inspiring session, you'll discover:

  • A deep sense of innocence & self-compassion as a parent
  • Enneagram-inspired self-awareness tools to use in a practical way on your parenting journey
  • Ways to return to your own essence and a feeling of empowerment & peace as a parent
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Hollie Holden

Mother, artist, teacher, writer

Hollie Holden describes herself first and foremost as mother to her daughter Bo (11 years old) and son Christopher (7 years old). She is also a devoted student and teacher of the Enneagram. Hollie is an artist, writer, parent and lover of all things truthful, creative, empowering and honest. She shares her wisdom with two Facebook communities: the Presence of Love study group for A Course in Miracles and Hollie Holden: Notes on Living and Loving.


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